One Point of Strong Agreement Between the Left and Right Wings

Time to rally around addressing the Innovation Deficit.

Last week I conducted a media tour for my new book in New York City. One thing really stood out for me.

I appeared on shows across the political spectrum, from Squawk Box on the right to NPR stations on the left, and just about everything in between.

In addition to talking about the wonders of creativity and invention at the MIT Media Lab (the theme of my book), I expressed my deeply held belief that meaningful innovation in America is in deep trouble. I believe that we as a people and a nation are in denial about this problem, continuing to believe that creativity and innovation are in the American DNA.

To my surprise, every one of the interviewers agreed strongly – often violently – with this point and each was anxious to dig in more deeply.

It was clear that I had hit a chord that resonated strongly across the political spectrum, at least as represented by the broadcast media. To the extent that the media reflect the sentiment of their constituents, then I just may have found an issue that unites many of the people of our country. This could be a first.

I’ve always felt that getting agreement on a problem is 90% of the solution. But in this case it is not so true, since the roots of the innovation crisis are very deep, both culturally and structurally. But this sure is a good start!






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